Equine Portraits - Fraser Yule

Equine Portraits

I have recently been asked by some horse owners at our local stables to take portraits of their horses, particularly in the low key style, which simply means with dark or black backgrounds, which makes the horse the only subject in the photo and can be very striking. This has proven so popular that I have decided to offer this as a new service for my clients. It's not just low key though, all sorts of styles are available, from portraits to action shots such as galloping or jumping.

If you are interested in getting a stunning portait of your horse or pony, please get in touch with me (by phone on 07795322354 or email at fyule903@googlemail.com) and we can discuss your requirements in more detail. A bit of planning in advance can help a lot on the day, often a couple of visits are required, so that the hosre is more relaxed around a stranger, especially when using flashguns.